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Capacity estimating and measuring

cress seeds investigation


Firstly   we tried to have the same amount of seeds also the same  amamount of water .Secondly  we put the cups in 4 different places two in the fridge for blue group

plants investigation


Firstly we put the cress seeds in the cup .Secondly we put the cups in four different places the fridge,the window,the table and lastly the cupboard.



We have been investigating about which place is the best for cress seeds to grow into cress.We have been watering them every few days.The places we put them in were the windowsill,in the fridge,the cupboard and a place away from the window.So far the fridge is losing nothing has happened to it and the rest of the seeds opened a little bit this shows that you should not put cress seeds in the fridge.We check them every few days so they don’t die that is all know now on to my prediction but before that i will tell you one more thing.I’m going to tell you what to do so the cress seeds can grow.First you will need a cup water cress seeds and tissue.First get your cup.Next put the tissue in the cup.After that put the water in cup finally put cress seeds on.

Cress seed investigation


 .First you get a cup.                                       

 .Next you get tissu and fold it .  

.After that you put the tissu in to the cup.

.Then you get some water and poor it in to the cup of tissu.

.Finaly we put the seeds in and poor water in the cup.



science investigation

First we got all the things we needed which were cresseeds,plactic cup,tissues paper and some water then we got the plactic cup and put the tissue paper and we placed the tissue paper inside the cup.Next we got the cresseeds and we tried to get the equl amount of cressedes.then we get some water and watered the cresseds.then we put one cup in the window sill,one in the cupboared,one n the frigeand one away from the window sill and now we are just wating to see which one grows the best and me and iqraathink it will be the window sill one.

Science Investigation


First we planted cress seeds using plastic cups ,a pinch of cress seeds ,folded tissues paper and a little tip of water then put them in the cupboard ,the windowsill ,the fridge and put one on table . The next day we checked  the day if they had grown and when we looked  they had opened a little bit and the seeds from the frigde had opened a tiny little bit .So the next day which is now the cress seeds had opened a tiny little bit and the ones from the frigde had opened.












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